One thing every member of the Solmatix team have in common is a deep love and respect for our Environment, it’s at the heart of everything we do! We are all concerned about the devastating effects climate change may have on our planet. Along with the problems raised by climate change we are only too aware of the fact that fossil fuels are a dwindling, finite, polluting resource that we rely on every single day and are essential in supplying us with nearly everything we need from electricity, transport and heating.

The UK and Ireland are now both net importers of oil and gas and coal is too dirty and expensive to burn for energy these days, this leaves us with a problem, keep importing our energy sources at a cost to us both environmentally and financially or become energy independent. At Solmatix we know what we’d prefer so if you want to become more energy independent and do your bit for our precious environment contact us and we will find a solution that works for you using our range of products and services!