We see our team as our greatest asset and most valued resource. Our culture is to continually develop, train and encourage all staff to provide a First Class Service and to go the extra mile for our customers in every aspect of our processes and operations. We actively encourage and support our staff in their continued professional development leading to excellent performance from each member of staff who all excel in their positions.

For many years, we have developed staff at all levels. We support our people through trade apprenticeships, student placement programmes, bespoke technical apprenticeships, junior management positions and project management accreditation.

At Solmatix there is strong sense of purpose as it operates in the renewable sector which works to limit the effects of climate change and reduce our dependence on a finite and polluting resource namely fossil fuels. Also, the ever evolving and continuously advancing nature of the renewable sector keeps everyone at the company engaged. Our team at Solmatix are highly skilled, committed and love a challenge it’s the main reason we remain the most successful renewable energy company in Northern Ireland .