NEW 20% domestic Solar PV Grant for Northern Ireland customers. But it’s first come, first served!

Date Posted: 8th June 2013

NOW CLOSED.  Solar PV is now an established technology with viable payback periods due to reduced capital costs.  Therefore, the Utility Regulator will no longer be providing capital grant aid in Northern Ireland, however, annual subsidies via NI RoCs continues.

It’s a commonly held misconception that installing Solar panels for electricity (Solar PV) is expensive.  The truth is that the 2013 NISEP fund for domestic Solar PV, administered by Power NI,  puts it within easy reach of many households in Northern Ireland.  And there’s more good news.  Falling solar costs and rising fossil fuel prices make domestic solar installations an extremely cost-competitive means of cutting your household fuel bills.  So by acting now, you could be enjoying low-cost, or no-cost electricity sooner than you think. 

Lisburn-based renewable energy specialist, Solmatix, has installed hundreds of grant-aided Solar PV systems for local families.  Richard Bell, managing director of Solmatix, explains how the Grant will benefit households:

“A typical customer will install a 5kW solar system, costing around £8,500.  The 20% Grant aid, up to a maximum of £3000, means they can immediately claim back £1,700.  This brings their actual cost down to only £6,800. The Grant also reduces the payback time, which means their system pays for itself in about four years!”  

And as Richard outlines, there are even more good reasons for going solar.  “As well as reducing your monthly electricity bill, you will also receive annual income for 20 years from your Solar PV system.  That’s because energy suppliers have to make payments to homeowners who generate their own electricity from renewable sources such as solar panels. You may even be able to sell unused power back into the Grid.  It can all add up to a really good deal!”

So the business argument for Solar PV certainly stacks up, but what about the practicalities of installing solar panels?  In Richard’s experience, it’s straightforward and hassle free.  “We conduct your site survey, make all your grant applications and use our own team of professional engineers and roofers, so we’ll usually finish your installation within a day.  And of course, we’re MCS registered, which means we carry the quality mark for renewable energy installers. What’s more, our low profile panels blend discretely into your roofline to look good as well.”

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