Solar Water Heating

Just think how hot the inside of your car gets when it’s left outside on a bright summer’s day. Our Solar Water panels react in just the same way. They capture heat from the sun and transfer it to your domestic hot water tank, giving you a FREE supply of hot water.

Hot water on, central heating off

Most homeowners would like to keep their oil or gas boiler off for about eight months of the year. So it’s frustrating and expensive to have to turn it on, just to heat some water for domestic use. Solar Water Heating from Solmatix generates a steady supply of piping hot water, just when you need it, without having to run your central heating and incurring huge oil or gas bills.

In fact, Solar Water Heating will typically save you about one-third of your oil or gas bill, which for most households means an extra £500 in your pocket, year after year.

For our customers in the Republic of Ireland, they can benefit from a one-off grant of €1,200 to help towards your installation.

How Solar Water Heating works

Solar water panels on your roof contain an antifreeze liquid which heats up rapidly when exposed to the heat of the sun’s rays. When the heat has been captured, this liquid circulates to your domestic hot water tank, keeping the water at a steady 55°C to 60°C. This makes it ideal for baths, showers and domestic cleaning, and reduces or eliminates the need for oil or gas heating in the summertime. And remember – typically we shower or bath in water at 36°C.

Ideally, Solar panels are sited due south to capture the most energy from the sun, but Solmatix can configure your panels to suit most locations.