High volume, low energy housing

At present, demand for housing is such that the UK needs to deliver between 200,000 and 250,000 new homes a year. We believe that the most appropriate means to achieve this growth is by adopting a ‘Fabric First’ approach to low cost, sustainable housing. This entails the widespread use of building materials with improved U-values this means there can be a measured use of renewable energy technologies.

Solmatix already has experience in this field. We have already worked in numerous volume housing schemes, and our work at the prototype homes built at the BRE Innovation Parks demonstrate that by incorporating our Solar Panels and Solar Thermal Hot Water Systems, low-energy homes can be designed to suit modern living at comparable costs to a standard build.

Our knowledge of the volume housing sector means we have the expertise to specify and design renewable energy systems that meet the energy requirements of new build volume housing, irrespective of its scale or location. In addition, we have the manpower and the resources to work with contractors to deliver and install technically excellent renewable energy systems.