Replica Rolex Daytona 116508 18K Yellow Gold

This is 116508 replica Rolex Oyster Perpetual Universe Map replica Daytona full gold, with a green metal dial inlaid with sunlight, the diameter of the case is 40 mm, the diameter of the watch is 12.4 mm thick, so it is a relatively thin replica Watches, the size from lugs to lugs is 46.5mm (if you only include lugs, but you want to wear them on a bracelet), you know that in this case, the watch is actually 50 wrists 5mm, one of the lugs The distance between them is 20 mm. The method is to pull out my camera holder and place it on a 16 cm circumference wrist to shrink it slightly. You will find that it does have a lot of physical wear. I can tell you, Rolex replica gold watches on the bracelet are as heavy as platinum fake watches from other brands, which is how strong they are. As you can see, it has a low height and fits under the cuff on the top of the head.

Rolex Daytona 116508 YG/YG Black/Stick BP A7750 4130 Mod


There are a lot of bracelets on both sides of my bracelet, except for the lugs, there are a lot of gaps that are not close to the edge of my wrist, and then you can see that the barrel hits down on each side of the bracelet and there are many curved connections instead of pulling It's straight, so I recommend it to people who don't believe it. As long as the wrist grows to 13 and a half centimeters, I do think that even on the bracelet, the replica Daytona watches for sale are the most suitable for the fake Rolex 40 to be worn on the small wrist. Now this one is mine. The wrist pops out suddenly and you can see that one of the reasons this thing feels so strong is due to its quality, we are still a long way from the hollow end link and the hollow center link, but I'm When I picked up a modern replica Rolex bracelet and realized its sound and sturdiness, I was still taken aback. As you can see, all parts are solid polished, the center chain is polished, the outer surface is satin-polished shoulders, and the bracelet has a tapered shape. , The movable chain link is fixed by screws. The gap on the bottom side is designed to avoid pinching the skin to pull the hair or pinching the wrist to heat up. The button has two locks, one with a beacon, which can be hooked inside. You can see a latch Lock, then there is a clamshell.

Under the five small pointed cuts, you can dig out the nails and bounce them away. The notes after opening are satin-finished, with polished stray and platinum on the sides, or I'm talking about golden polished surfaces, internal features For the easy link five-mm adjustment system, easy link is equivalent to adding or deleting a larger link. Now you can see that these small turf with tracks can help you re-fix the bracelet in the clasp with a belt tool, so you There are three ways to adjust the size of the turf to easily link the movable chain to roll back. This situation is well known to AAA Rolex enthusiasts. The polished logo polished face is a bit like date adjustment or date display. It is definitely not the square super case you see on sports watches fake. It has a lovely composite arc style and has light on the entire surface. Do a lot of wonderful things, let's also say that the shape of some industrial Rolex replica cases cannot be achieved. There is an inspiration and beauty here. You will not find crowns on things such as sea dwellers. They are all screwed on the chronograph button and crown. , You can see that this is actually a gold triple crown, you know, because the center point is larger, three of the replica watches are 100 meters water resistant, and you can see a tachymeter scale outside the boat.

Many people like the metallic appearance of these gold fake Rolex Daytonas, and I can't deny the durability of the ceramics and the interesting contrasting tones. The full gold on the surface of the sapphire crystal is really breathtaking. You can see the piezoresistor, the green metal sunburst The shaped dial is lighter than British racing green, but darker than Kelly green. You can see that there are some carefully selected tones of yellow, gold, white and red on the inner ring, indicating that the light effect on the surface is incredible. I don't think I can get the most advantage in the light box, but I believe this is An eye-catching replica watch, not just because of gold, this super clone watch certainly has fake Rolex President Bracelet features.

Movement 4130

Movement 4130 is a self-winding two-way movement with rotor bearings instead of jeweled hands. It has a shock resistance of 72 hours and a power reserve of 4 Hz. The chronograph can be started smoothly with the help of a vertical clutch system. It can also make the chronograph run without causing additional dangerous wear. A fine-tuned cylindrical gear, so you can feel and clearly hear the sound of movement when operating the fake watch. The timepiece has six position adjustments. Function, and as a fully boxed replica watch, it has obvious adjustment effect. At the same time, it has obtained the replica Rolex of the cosc chronometer certificate, and then protects the certified super clone watch movement to test it beyond the cosc to prove that the imitation watch runs every day Not worse than minus 2 plus 2 seconds, because when the assembled knock off watch is delivered to the point of sale, the timepiece is of course rotated with 44 joules as the axis, and has a complete balance bridge, a free spring beat index, and additional shock resistance It uses an antimagnetic blue niobium zirconium oxide brigade on the coil hairspring, which can be concentrically beaded in various positions and is diamagnetic, which is technically impressive.

Replica Daytona Green Dial

The emerald dial is not only unique in the black and champagne gold fake Rolex Daytona watches, but also stands out in the knock off Rolex green fake watch series. The deep colors and the appearance of the rising sun echo the pine trees and British racing green, creating a stunning effect. The sudden popularity of the green dial replica Rolex Daytona undoubtedly heralded many of imitation Rolex's milestones. In addition to record prices on the second-hand market, it has also helped drive the demand for pure gold sports replica watches to rebound, as platinum and everose gold have become increasingly popular in the market in recent years. With such high demand and limited production, many collectors can't wait to buy this timepiece. You can obtain the waiting list from an authorized reseller or by obtaining the list from


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